Color me blind

August 9, 2013

boardmasters 2010 by nationalglaceau
boardmasters 2010, a photo by nationalglaceau on Flickr.

Thank god the wellies are not yellow.

At the Farm with green hair and red Hunter Wellies

August 9, 2013

Farm by marimoon
Farm, a photo by marimoon on Flickr.

Great Match!

Relaxing in Wellingtons 1 – Petra

January 14, 2013

Relaxing in Wellingtons 1 – Petra.

Well this doesn’t look like she will need those black hunter wellies, but it’s still great to relax with comfy wellies on the porch,…

Black hunter boots

Naked ‘GameBirds’ Calendar

December 26, 2012

Check out the whole article.

Wie trägt man Gummistiefel modebewusst?

December 21, 2012

hunter wellies

Foto: Tattooine Princess/Tumblr









Check out this article in a swiss newspaper (only german, sorry).

Wow: Emilie Ferris

August 28, 2012

Picture from Emilie Ferris' pages by WelliesWalker
Picture from Emilie Ferris’ pages, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Look Aigle Winter 2010

August 27, 2012

Look Aigle hiver-winter 2010 by WelliesWalker
Look Aigle hiver-winter 2010, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Yellow wellies don’t make you look like a teenager with a matching rain jacket,…

Finally Aigle RubberPack

August 26, 2012

Aigle invente RubberPack by WelliesWalker
Aigle invente RubberPack, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Yeah we love the soft rubber boots invented (in away) by amaort… (see other post in this blog). Great combination with the trenchcoat and the burberry style scarf…

Catherine Middleton in the woods

August 25, 2012

Catherine Middleton in the woods by WelliesWalker
Catherine Middleton in the woods, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Of course the Royals wear noble wellies! LeChameau! Aren’t there royal hunter wellies? Anyways Kate looks great in any wellies…

Black is beautiful

May 3, 2012

Hunter Boots by andrew-lynch
Hunter Boots, a photo by andrew-lynch on Flickr.

Well this image has it all. Nice outfit, great for a walk but still a bit urban and black hunter wellies! That’s fashion.