Riding without horse

“Aigle is the lovechild of both Hiram Hutchinson and Charles Goodyear from the 1850’s. Goodyear created the flexible rubber that allows these boots to appeal to both fashion and functionality, while Hutchinson bought the patent to create the boots.” That’s what other blogs say about Aigle riding boots. But please remember Aigle Rubber Riding Boots are not made out of rubber but more out of plastic, a tough synthetics material. But the style is great anyway.

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One Response to “Riding without horse”

  1. Heather Trine Says:

    So happy to see that you love your boots! We do too! But just to be clear, Aigle IS in fact made from rubber – 100% Natural Rubber, rather than petroleum based. Some of the true equestrian riding boots are, however, made out of a patented PVC called Slush Plastomere that is made to do what rubber does, but gives the rider grip as well. Natural rubber is too supple for what riders need their boots for. They make great rain boots still =)

    Thanks for the shout out!

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