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Look Aigle Winter 2010

August 27, 2012

Look Aigle hiver-winter 2010 by WelliesWalker
Look Aigle hiver-winter 2010, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Yellow wellies don’t make you look like a teenager with a matching rain jacket,…

Finally Aigle RubberPack

August 26, 2012

Aigle invente RubberPack by WelliesWalker
Aigle invente RubberPack, a photo by WelliesWalker on Flickr.

Yeah we love the soft rubber boots invented (in away) by amaort… (see other post in this blog). Great combination with the trenchcoat and the burberry style scarf…

Aigle Wader Special

June 19, 2010

If the rain this summer is going on like this we all might need higher rubber boots in the city. Aigle just came up with a new trendy wader… In the fashionable colours yellow and black. They are part of a limited run and a lot of pair have been sold already.

But they seem hard to get. I was in a aigle-shop last week in france in they even didn’t have them there,…

Riding without horse

May 9, 2010

“Aigle is the lovechild of both Hiram Hutchinson and Charles Goodyear from the 1850’s. Goodyear created the flexible rubber that allows these boots to appeal to both fashion and functionality, while Hutchinson bought the patent to create the boots.” That’s what other blogs say about Aigle riding boots. But please remember Aigle Rubber Riding Boots are not made out of rubber but more out of plastic, a tough synthetics material. But the style is great anyway.

Another blue dress

March 26, 2010

Horse and I
Originally uploaded by sunshineupton

…but Aigle rubber boots instead of red hunters. But where is the horse?