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Artificial Rain

April 11, 2011

Artificial Rain and artificial models make a artificial advertising video: Burberry. Thank God the brand Hunter is not artificial at all. Worn by farmers and models there can be no better advertising campaign! Anyways nice video…

Another Hunter Welly Fashion Resource

September 17, 2010

Check out the Hunter fashion resource from chictopia

Out of Stock: Festival Hunters

May 21, 2010

Well, these seem to be out of stock now.

Black Hunter Festival wellies

Fotos by

Foldable Wellies

May 7, 2010

fujirock09-020 by senbonzakura08

Finally, we see them in action. The foldable wellies of amaort are sure to hit europe (someday) hopefully. They come in lots of different colours and sizes. If you are intrested we are trying to put up a omnibus order,… so give us a shot. There seems to be a distributor in Italy. But he doesn’t respond to our mails,… So we will have to order in japan…

Funky Welly Shopping

May 4, 2010

Here you will find a lot of funky wellies. Unfortunately no Hunters but everything else. They also have nice boot bags, too…

Funky Wellies (strange, but you have to click two times)

Foldable / packable japanese wellies

March 21, 2010

For travellers: If you travel a lot and are not sure how the weather is going to be this is the right pick. Foldable wellies are already a great trend in japan. Originally used by the rice planters they now conquer the fashion industry.